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My name is Sarah Framrose and I'm a stencil artist from the North East of England.

Everything I make is made by hand. I don't own photoshop, let alone know how to use it so all my pictures start with me drawing the image and working out all the layers of paint I want to use. I then copy out each layer, cut them by hand and finally spray paint the picture.

Because of this process each piece is unique and I'll only make a certain number of versions from each stencil before I get bored and wander off and onto the next idea.

I'm also a single parent who works in a shop, bringing up two children on a low income. Times are tough especially in Tory Britain with tax breaks for the wealthy while the rest of us have to fight for the scraps we can find. They either don't see or don't care about the people using foodbanks, the rise in homelessness, the numbers of people on zero hour contracts who have no way of knowing if they'll get enough hours that week to cover the bills. There was a time when we made things here - steel, wool, pottery, ships. Now our main export is arms, bringing death and destruction to the world.

We have to keep hoping for a brighter future. That good people are put in charge instead of those who seem to be consumed by self interest. And a lot of the artwork I've made is about that hope.

Keep carrying the fire.

Serann. January 2019.